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Everyday J.O.E. Fitness
Just One Exercise.

We combine proven techniques with the latest in exercise science to create THE MOST OPTIMAL, sustainable fat loss and muscle toning programs to help you create your ideal physique.

This is What We Do

Almost everyone can effectively gain lean, toned muscle and lose significant body fat through doing "just one exercise" per day for a specific body part or their cardiovascular system!

Everyday J.O.E. makes fitness easy and makes reaching your goals easier than ever.

For example, you may do one exercise for your quads, one exercise for your hamstrings, and one exercise for your glutes, on a given day. The following day, the you would do low-impact, steady-state cardio, or one exercise for each muscle of your upper body. You get the strength-building and cardio benefits that are scientifically shown to lead to a fitter body and better quality of life!


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Who Is John Lewis

I'm John Lewis, certified personal trainer (ACE), and I created Everyday J.O.E. in 2014 as a science-based method for helping friends and clients reach their fitness goals with a simple, easy-to-follow process.

My mission is to support women and men on their fitness journeys, whether you're a beginner or you've spent more than a few years exercising. There's always something new to learn!

Personalized training with the J.O.E. system ensures that through consistency, adequate volume, tension and range-of-motion, a trainee will consistently gain new muscle, lose fat, and achieve greater results than they might otherwise achieve on their own. Start working toward your better body with Everyday J.O.E. today!

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