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About Us: The Full Story of

Everyday J.O.E.

In 2014, a certified personal trainer and military veteran named John (the original "Everyday J.O.E.") was tasked with physically preparing a group of US Army and US Air Force service members for an overseas deployment. The individuals varied in age, sex, and background. Some were recovering from long-term injuries. They all had unique circumstances and needed to simultaneously lose fat and gain muscle. The standard physical readiness program was not going to prepare them for the deployment in time.

 Their trainer recognized that some of them could only perform one type of exercise due to injury, so he modified their individual fitness regimens to allow them to do what they were good at, while still making it challenging enough for them to grow fitter and stronger every day. Employing the lessons learned from the latest peer-reviewed studies on muscle hypertrophy and exercise periodicity, their regimens allowed them to successfully prepare for their deployments while doing as little as one exercise per day. Some service members were capable of doing one exercise per body part per day, and Everyday J.O.E. was born.

Since then, the Everyday J.O.E. protocol has been used to train military and civilians alike, preparing for special occasions, physique competitions, and helping people build a sense of confidence in themselves while overcoming mental obstacles.

Years of studies and scientific evidence show us that doing at least some degree of daily activity, whether it's walking or resistance training, leads to a healthier life. Using techniques like negative repetitions and lengthened partials during resistance training leads to faster, more optimal results-- regardless of whether an individual wants to lose weight, gain muscle, or both!


Our vision is to change how the world looks at fitness and make it accessible to all, regardless of experience or access to equipment. No fuss, no gimmicks.

Workout with Kettlebells


Our mission is to forge relationships with individuals who want to be optimally fit and healthy, using our unique approach to resistance training. We value creating a regimen that is both safe and enjoyable for the trainee while still allowing them to reach their goals more quickly than they ever could have imagined.

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